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Recently fitted some APs and 304mm discs to a friends' F - it's a very simple proceedure, the most complex thing being the brake fluid bleeding afterwards.

- Release handbrake
- Chock rear wheels
- Loosen wheel nuts on the front
- Jack up front of car and secure on axle stands
- Undo (err, 10mm i think) lower caliper bolt
- Rotate caliper upwards and remove pads
- Undo pair of (err 13mm i think!) main caliper bolts to remove it from the hub.
- Clamp the brake hose
- Undo brake hose
- Remove caliper assembly
- Using an impact driver, release the 2 retaining screws on the disc
- Using a small lump hammer bang the disc around the hub (rotating the disc) to free up any corrosion, use a crow bar behind the disc in combination to get the disc off (this is a poxy job!)
- Remove old disc
- Clean up hub with a wire brush
- Liberally apply copperslip to the disc mating surface on the hub
- Slide new disc into place and secure with (new!) retaining screws (not 100% necessary i feel)
- Bolt new AP caliper into place on the hub (they are handed, bleed nipples upwards)
- Bolt the brake hose into place
- Release brake hose clamp and check for leaks
- Use copper slip on the back of the pads and insert into caliper
- Insert top retaining pin through caliper and pads
- Insert top of retaining plate
- Fold plate downwards and insert second retaining pin
- Using a small hammer and a block of wood, tap pins home
- Fit road wheel
- Lower car to ground, tighten wheel nuts

- Repeat for other wheel

- Bleed brakes
I think this is a three person job, one to do the bleeding, one to monitor the reservior and top up as necessary and one to pump the brake pedal. Start at the nearside rear, then the offside rear, then the offside front, then finally the nearside front.

Try the brakes, repeat bleed proceedure as necessary.
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