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Subs, Subwoofers, Upgrading audio, Slimline.

I get asked quite a bit about Subs which will fit in to the F/TF so today I thought I'd put together a big ol' list of the various models available.

They are in three sections:

Non powered - these are purely subwoofers in a box which will need some sort of amplification.

Active - These are as above but also have there own amplification built in. These will need an RCA feed from your head unit and it's own power supply & grounding point. But generally are the easiest type to install.

Subs only - Pretty obvious really, but these are just a couple of very very slim decent sized subwoofers I've found which would be ideal for anyone thinking about building a custom enclosure. Eg: from MDF or Fibreglass behind the seats. You'll need to build the box, and again, run an audio feed from an amplifier for these to work. If done correctly however, these will produce the best and "boomiest" results.

I haven't included little pictures as there are quite a few but can do to make things easier if people prefer?

Also, I managed to find the majority of these from one internet source, but that isn't to say this source is the cheapest, it was just a pretty good site I found. Once you have found which model etc you'd want, just "google" for that particular model number and you may well find it cheaper!

Also, depending on how useful this is, (as I realise that it is only really the minority who are looking to upgrade their audio) I will keep updating the list as new things come onto the market.

Well, here it is. Any questions, just ask!

Non Powered:

Active Subs:

Subs only:

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