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well as promised here's how i did them! Hope this helps a few people out!

as mentioned earlier, it's not a difficult job at all and i'd say most people with a decent set of tool could easily do it!

please note that axle stands where used throughout the entire procedure and you should not do this without them,

1st off i started with the fronts as they are easier than the back and good to get started off with,

i wont' go into detail of how to remove road wheels etc, i'll take it those willing to attempt this will at leats know the basics!

look under the bonet and locate the top of the shock where you will find a 17mm Nut to be removed, to remove the nut you need to use a 5mm allen key (best to use the ones that go into a socket rather than a standard allen key) and undo the nut.....(this can be quite tight so a little brute force may be needed but once you get the initial movement it's pretty easy to remove..

then look down below and locate the bottom of the shock which is a 15mm bolt, once undone you may need to tap the bottom slightly to release the whole thing and then lower it all down, that's it, that simple, just 1 nut and 1 bolt is all that holds them in place on the TF

once you have it out of the car it's just a case of undoing the 14mm nut at the end of the shock and remove the spring, you will need the coil spring compressors at this point (they range from around 10 to 20 to buy, Halfrauds are 20 ) just remove the nut at the top and a few bits of rubber and washers and remove the shock from the spring and fit back as you found it, this part will take you all of 5 minutes

lift it all back up to the car and refit the bolt through the bottom and the but on the top, be sure to put all the rubbers and washers back where you found them, always best to put them in order so you won't forget! that's it front's all done! replace the road wheel and your set to go!!

the rears are slightly more difficult, only because it's a little more awkward to get to them that's all!
same procedure though!

go into the boot, undo the water expantion bottle and move out of the way best you can (i also took out the oil filler) locate the 5mm allen key hole and remove the 17mm nut (sounds easy but it's a bit tight in there, again, once you get the initial movement your away...

go under and you will see the anti-roll bar is slightly in the way so i undid the rollbar using a 15mm and pulled it out of the way enough to give me clearance, undo the 15mm bolt at the bottom of the shock and tap to release it, it should all come straight down under the brake disk etc....replace exactly the same way!

on the other side i just moved the "mems" to one side to give me a the clearance to get to the nut on top, (i also have a k&n filter so the original airbox wasn't there to get in my way which it may do slightly if you still have one, i guess you could work around it or remove it, not too difficult to remove! )

just be sure to put your water expantion bottle/ oil filler / mems back on before you run the car

refit the wheels and away you go!

I think that's about it really, i don't think i've missed anything! if anyone wants to know anything give us a shout!!

as before, hope this helps others not spend their hard earned money at the garage!!

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