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11 spoke Alloy Wheel refurb (pic heavy)

well as i couldn't make the service day i thought i'd make use of the time i had yesterday and today and refurb my alloys

Managed to get hold of the Sparkle Silver spray paint for a perfect match and put them back to showroom condition

the wheels were pretty badly scuffed round the edges and needed doing badly, then decided to go for the tyre lettering painting too in the end which isn't everyones taste i know but i think it looks great

Gotta say, i'm more than chuffed with the results

anyway here's the pics

started off rubbing them down to clean them up and see the real damage then filled the scuffs with metal filler (should be ok as they are only scuffs)

then primed with white primer

the rubbed down again with finer wet and dry then put on Sparkle Silver

Finished off by applying Laquer

The finished result

Then as mentioned earlier, decided to go for the Tire Lettering to finsih them off, i used a tire paint pen from Halfords and applied 4 coats on the letters, didn't actually take that long with the wheels off

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