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Originally Posted by iaross View Post
As promised - rough round the edges - could do with a few more photos but should be good enough for people to use!

And here it is in written form.


Drill sizes 3.5mm

First it's best to unscrew and remove the aerial

Release the hood at the front then unclip the 5 clips at the back around the parcel shelf, pull the carpet forward to do this. Unzip the window, remove the small metal clip and Velcro on the end of the zip and undo completely.

Lift the back of the hood and drill out the rivets with the 3.5 drill bit, where the hood overlaps the window section drill out the first 2 rivets and bend back carefully to get to the remaining rivets holding the window.

Remove the retaining bar. ( when replacing the retaining bar you will notice that all the holes are oval except one the central one is a circle.)


Leave the backing paper on while fitting to protect the window.

Lay the window on the parcel shelf from the outside of the car, place the retaining bar into the groove at the bottom of the window and line up the holes in the bar, window and hood frame ( on the retaining bar the central hole is circular all the others are oval ) place a rivet in the central hole to start DO NOT clamp it up at this point as this makes it is easier to line up the other rivets, place a rivet in each hole, when all the rivets are in the bar close them up. Now overlap the hood on either side of the window and replace the last 2 rivets on either side.

From inside the car connect up the zip and replace the new Velcro tab and end clip, zip up the window. Clamp down the clips on the parcel shelf ( if the clips spring up you will need to move the underfelt out of way. ) then push back the carpet on the parcel shelf.

Clip up the hood at the front this will tighten the window and should pull some of the paper backing from the window, pull the paper off the window.

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