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1) Remove rubber cover from rear of dipped beam (outer) headlight.

2) Remove the wiring connector with the blue and yellow wires from the rear of the bulb.

3) Release the spring clip and remove the old bulb.

4) Make a hole in the rubber bulb cover (see pic5) so that the grommet attached to the HID bulb wiring loom will fit snugly in the hole and create a water tight seal (see pic 6).

5) Next Pic shows that with the HID bulb the spring clip cant be refitted due the wiring attached to the rear of the bulb. So in order to fit the HID bulb you need to remove the spring clip from the bulb holder by squeezing together the legs holding the clip into the bulb holder.

6) The removed clip and headlight unit with bulb and clip removed.

7) Thread the wiring on the back through the middle of the clip, ensuring the clip is the correct way up so that the loops in the wire locate on the back of the bulb. In this pic the clip fitted the WRONG way up.

8) Carefully remove HID bulb from packaging (avoid touching the glass part of the bulb).

9) Now comes the tricky part. Fit the HID bulb into the headlight and while holding it in place, re-located the legs on spring clip into the holes on the rear of the bulb holder.

10) Secure the bulb by locking the spring clip in place as shown.

11) The wiring connected to the HID bulb has 2 wires (red and black) with spade connectors on the ends. Locate the bulb connector on the cars loom (unplugged in step 2) and connect the red wire to the blue, and the black wire to the yellow as shown.

12) Tuck the connector inside the headlight unit and refit the rubber cover onto the back on the headlight.

13) You now need find a suitable location for the ballast unit. Be aware that the wiring between the bulb and ballast is not that long, so the ballast need to be located in close proximity to the headlight. I found the most suitable location was the top side of the wheelarch. Mount the ballast unit using double sided sticky pads or as I did, with Velcro (this allows the ballast unit to be removed and replaced easily when access to the rear of the headlight is needed.

14) Once the ballast is mounted, connect the 3 remaining connectors. There is only 1 way this can be done, so fear not of doing it wrong.

15) The wiring can then be tidied and the end result should be something like this.

16) The process is then repeated with the other bulb.

17) When switched on, you bulbs will flash quickly before then going quite dim. The light intensity will then gradually increase until maximum brightness is reached, which only takes seconds.

18) Once the HID conversion is fitted, the headlight alignment MUST be checked by an MOT testing station.

A quick couple of comparison shots, guess which is the HID and which is the standard bulb

And when both sides are done you should end up with something like this:

As you can see not only is the light output brighter, but more importantly on a TF the beam spread is much wider then with halogen bulbs, which I find makes driving a TF at night much more pleasurable as you loose the torch beam effect the standard lights have.

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