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Job done 40 mins in all.
1) Put the top down, push the seat as far back as it will go,I found I could reach everything if I knelt down at the side of the car & leaned in a small torch was handy.
2) Remove the fusebox flap completly you can see the brake light switch easier.
3) Remove the electrical connection from the switch.
4) Using a 15mm spanner loosen the locknut on the switch & back it off a couple of turns.
5) Rotate the switch clockwise one full turn further into the threaded bracket then connect cable & depress pedal to see if its to sensitive & brake lights come on to quickly, if they do remove cable & rotate one full turn again if necessary.
6) Once your happy with it tighten the locknut fully.
7) Refit the fusebox flap & job done.
I actually removed the switch cos I like to see close up what I'm messing with it was part No XKB1003 which is the later switch theres pics of both types on Pete's site..

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