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Foglights, the cheap way. Use a 75 connector on a F.

I want to fit foglights to my F. But, like some many of you know (and have discussed in manymany threads) the wiring loom is hard to come by, or is very overpriced. The wiring is not very hard to do, but if I have understood the problem corretly, the "plug" that connects the wiring loom to the switch is a problem. I used a Rover 75 foglight connector and modified it to fit to the F's switch. I was visiting my parents this weekend and found a old wiring loom from my parents 75 in the garage. (The neigbours had a fire and the 75s wiring loom melted and was replaced with a new one)

Sorry about the pictures, had to recreate everything on my desk, had no camera available in the garage.

The connector looks like this:

I used a saw and abused the connector until it looked like this:

The original foglight switch look like this:

And after the saw had done it's job:

The result is a connector that fits the switch:

My idea is that maybe its easier to come by a 75 wiring loom and use this on the F and TF's?

The price for the original foglight wiring loom is to high in my opinion.
The next steps are buying a relaysocket, wires and a fuse. The relay and switch has already been purchased from our dear friend E-bay.
Don't know if this helps anyone, but it's an idea.
Pardon my english.

The next problem is to find the thread about wiring, and see if the wires match. Wire 1 is blank, 2-5 is there.


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