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I Norway you have to have your lights on regardless of what the clock might be. You are allowed to use your headlights only or front fogs with sidelights. I think side/fogs looks better.

The correct wiring in the switch. (Well, it works for me anyway :

The original loom I used had earth going into plug 1 and 5, I would check if this is the case on yours Reaper.

Some quick diagrams of front fog wiring:

This is how easy it really is to fit spots/fogs:

In the above diagram you would have to use plug 1 and 4 on the switch to operate the relay/fogs. However, you don't get any lights in the switch or telltale light with this wiring, you would have to wire it like this:

When you turn on you sidelights and operate the switch, you turn the relay on(pin 86). You will also get light in the switch, both background and telltale.


Did this make sense to anybody?
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