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HOW TO fix dodgy window switch

Window going down but not up...took dash window switch out to swap with passenger side switch to check before assuming it was the window motor and due to my delicate touch, whole switch fell apart on the floor.

Saw that the contacts were all burnt out, both on the little rockers and the main switch.

Cleaned them with a small knife blade (being carefull to keep the contacts flat and not scored), put back together and all is now good!

To do this, take off the triangular panel in the footwell (2 screws) and push the switch out from the back of the console. Once the switch is out, disconnect from the wires by easing out the 2 plastic clips on the wire end...then 2 more clips will let the switch come apart.
There are 2 rockers (the small metal bits below) that sit in the switch which are just loose. Take note of how they sit in the switch and remove and clean, then clean the base contact within the switch.

Put it all back together and you're good to go!

Took all of five it!

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