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Is this fair?

Some one on the F Register forum asked about the F/TF. Do you think this is a fair assesment?

Hi blind and welcome to the F Register forum.

I've owned both the F and TF. Which ever you chose you will enjoy,they are super little sports cars, however there are a few differences and each have some points better than the other............

LOOKS This is very much a matter of personal taste. The F has softer lines, the TF looks more aggressive.

RIDE/HANDLING The F had a different type of suspension to the TF, an hydrogas system similar (but much improved) to the system fitted on the Metro. It gives a very supple ride whilst still giving good handling characteristics. The TF's ride is harsher but the handling is better.

KEEPING THEM ALIVE As with any car, problems are discovered and rectified, improvements are made and upgrades fitted as the model gets older. The TF was a very different car to the F with a lot of improvements built in, stiffer body shell and slightly more powerful engines (still the same K series but tweaked a little). Also being newer they tend to have less miles on the clock and are on average in better condition than the F. They are consequently more expensive to buy thus leaving you with less to spend on upgrades.

Some parts are getting harder to source for the F now but a search of ebay and scrap yards will normally find what is needed. There are many jobs owners can do for themselves and there are several very good sites on the Internet offering detailed and very constructive advice. You will find other owners very keen to help.

LIMITED EDITIONS MGR prouced a number of limited editions of both the F and TF and these represent great value for money if you can find one (there are plenty about) I have a SUNSTORM, this came with a hard top, half leather seats, upgraded brakes, extra chrome bits, spot lights etc. Have a look here for a run down of Limited Editions

FURTHER HELP I would advice contacting your local F Register regional rep and trying to attend one of their meets. There may well be a knowledgeable member close to you who will come with you when you view any potential purchase.

I hope this helps, good luck with whatever car you decide on and happy MGing.
All the best, John.

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