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Took advantage of the superb sunshine in a cloudless sky only spoilt by vapour trails of the jetliners high in the atmosphere fresh out of Heathrow.

The recent 620ti purchase has a few niggles. The radio aerial mast is lazy and does not always retract fully. A temptation for scumbag vandals.

On a recent breaker yard visit just prior to this recent purchase, I looked into the boot of a high mileage Rover 600 and was delighted to discover a fairly new OE Electric aerial. Although I had no real eed for it, nearly new parts always come in handy and if resold, never lose money. Fortuitously, it did come in handy and I spent a leisure hour fitting it in place of the faulty one. With all the floor carpets in the boot removed, took the opportunity for a clean up. Much better and two birds one stone scenario.

By the way, it can pay off to check tatty high mileage cars in the yards. Those will often have near new replacement expensive items like starters, Alternators etc and in this instance, a near new Electric aerial in perfect working order. I removed part of its loom three wire connections with the aerial and thus was able to check its operation using a car battery at the yard. It raised and lowered just like a new one should.

The other minor issue is a suspect Thermostat. Although the heater blows hot just as I like it, Throttle lift off particularly on a long downhill run with a closed throttle sees the needle on the temperature gauge plunge down towards cold start level. Possibly affects fuel consumption too as sensor may falsely detect a cold engine. Replaced that so all should now be well with the cooling. I collected the coolant spill in a bowl under the Top Hose where the Thermostat is located. Replaced that and topped up with just water. Could not see what kind of anti-freeze had been installed. I will drain and flush asap and charge with fresh 50-50 OAT.

See attached images.
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