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Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
That top video has what looks like a VIN code changer for all the different ECU's. That's interesting if you can get any old ECU and recode it??????
Nice try, but not possible for the IPK through OBD, nor EWS.

In regards to the DDE4, this doesn't work either, it is possible with the LSM SRS, and BCU though, but only the IPK LSM and DDE4 aren't reconfigurable secondhand anyway

In the case of the LSM, there is nothing that is being done here that cannot be achieved using the BMW Scan 1.4 lead.

I looked at all ways to be able to dump the entire contents of the EWS to enable the easy programming of new keys, i.e. without having to physically remove the EWS, but no dice, the processor on board EWS3 requires to be physically hard reset in order that full reading of the memory can take place

It does look nice and easy to use, but appears to be nothing more than a conglomeration of INPA and NCS expert with Jatco and BCU tagged on.

Still it will give you hours of fun playing with the electronics with a different 10 lead

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