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Originally Posted by marinabrian View Post

What is interesting, and at the same time worrying is the ability to override the safety in the BCU in relation to one shot up windows.

So what I hear you say? well if you look at the drivers window seal on a car with one shot up enabled, you will see it is different to the other three window seals.

The reason for this is because the drivers window seal contains a pressure switch to stop the motor if an obstruction is encountered.

So using TOAF once it is released to hack the firmware in the BCU is not a particularly good idea.....imagine this scenario you have your grandson, or a child in any of the passenger seats, they operate the window switch while holding the glass, and up it goes and guillotines off there fingers, or worse they're hanging out of the window and operate the switch

Still sound like a sensible option to you? certainly doesn't to me


Oh and no you can't even if you have the password from the parent EWS module, use secondhand transponders.

Why not I hear you say, well yes you can copy the fixed code of the used transponder into another EWS, and even if the cyclic redundancy check is the same, the VIN number most certainly won't be, and for that reason alone the EWS will reject the transponder.
Guillotined fingers! My rear windows stop if the rubber gets too sticky and I have to pump them to close.
I want "one shot" it will have no safety concerns for me and you can always block rear window operation, if I've got TOAF then I can reset it back to factory myself anyway before selling.This is a feature the BMW owners have had for years.

The used key thing certainly is interesting because I gather by their signatures over on the Polish site this is a service that is already offered by some.
add keys: used remotes, transponder (immo)

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