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EDIT: I've come back to this to write the most important thing to do:
Hit that backup button!
Also stick with the modules that are an easy swap that don't need coding like BCU and LSM to begin with.
Then for belt and braces back them up to the cloud and if your not that techy then email the files to yourself so you will always have them.
I also have the BMW scanner and was told months ago on the Polish forum that it wouldn't work so went about ordering a VAGCOM-KKl lead for 2.84 that I then soldered pins 7 and 8 together with a 1" piece of wire.If you can't solder I believe that an INPA cable at around 10 will work.
If I don't have my lead plugged in nothing works.
As to drivers I had mine up and running weeks ago but I see there are drivers on the TOAF download site.
I too no longer use Windows so I'm going to be vague here but to load a driver on something old like XP you plug the lead in and then in "device manager" you see what item has a big yellow question mark next to it and then right click and load new driver.Then go to a specific place and enter in where ever you left the downloaded driver. Or something like that bound to be a YouTube video for it.

EDIT AGAIN: A YouTube driver video for XP!

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