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The Fine Art of Owning: A Rover 25

This is day 7 of Rover 25 ownership for me. For the past 6 days, I've been going over the car with a fine tooth come, looking for all of those little faults that shouldn't really be there. I've found a fair few!

There are days when I wake up and say to myself: Some people shouldn't be allowed to own cars. Just how can someone allow a vehicle to deteriorate in such a fashion? The faults I found aren't major. Hell. The Rover would still pass an MOT. It's those little details that let the car down. They also annoy the hell out of me!

The head gasket had been changed, along with the water pump and the cam belt. I didn't mind the old cam belt being left in it's box in the boot, but they never filled the cooling system with antifreeze. They just used water. I've got several litres of 'dirty dishwater' cooling the engine. That'll have to go.

The 4 pin Trafficmaster clock had missing segments. OK, the Trafficmaster system has been switched off, but that's no excuse for not replacing the clock with an ordinary 4 pin (Job completed).

The car had a cheap and nasty CD player in it. ISO connectors everywhere! I thought the head unit was a 2 speaker only job. I replaced the CD player with an original fitment cassette player (CD autochanger to follow). It turns out that both front speakers were dead (Now replaced)! The wiring is a lot neater as well now.

The light in the glove box didn't work. It only needed a new bulb (Job done). What's wrong with people? I can understand not replacing the broken bulbs in the switches and behind the heater panel (On my to do list) as they're awkward to do.

Considering that I bought my 25 via Ebay. I'm surprised that other broken parts haven't been replaced. The centre dashboard air vents were broken. 10 from Ebay. Job done! Then there the stupid plastic fuel filler cap that I found on the washer bottle! GRRRRRR! I'm on the case with a replacement!

The air conditioning doesn't work! 'Well, the light comes on' Said the previous owner. 'The revs don't drop when you switch it on though' I reply. 'Oh, I didn't know that' He says. RAAAANNNTTT!!! That's another thing I'll have to get fixed.

There are things where I can't point a finger at previous owners. I can't even write a letter to Rover for the things that annoy me.

I don't like the really tacky printed wood effect on the heater controls. That's being replaced with the plastic moulding from an earlier model (I'll replace the broken bulbs while I'm at it).

When I fitted the front fog lights. I found that the screw retaining clips were present. What's the point of fitting the retaining clips, if you're not going to fit the lamps? OK, there is an explanation here. The clips were fitted before the front bumper was sprayed up.

Another thing that puzzles me is: Why is a complete cigarette lighter cheaper from Rimmer Bros than just the element itself? Suffice to say. I bought a complete lighter.

I'm slowly getting the 25 back up to spec. There's still a lot of work to do.
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