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I can't really blame the person that I bought the Rover from. He had it for such a short time (He bought it for his wife, who didn't want it). At least he did get the head gasket fixed.

I'm pretty old school. With every 'new' car I buy, I give it a good going over. All of my previous cars only needed a service. Thus far, the 25 has had faults that would've been fixed during normal ownership. Just how hard is it to replace a bulb?

In truth, the days of the attentive owner are long gone (Unless you have vintage car). People are happy to live with a few faults. When those faults impact the School run or the shopping trip, it's time to get another car. People aren't mechanically minded any more. Thank God for this Forum. I've found more useful stuff here than I can in a Haynes Manual (They've gone down the tubes).

The Rover is getting all of the TLC that I can give it. I'm still looking for a Rover 75 'Connie' though.
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