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The Fine Art of Owning: A Rover 25

I know what you mean, why do people let things like bulbs just go untouched? It's a two second job.

My 25 didn't even have a bulb in the boot light. I've got spares of these things in my garage. Literally two seconds and it was working again.

I've replaced all of the faded centre caps on the wheels. New Union Jacks on the rear quarters, new '25' door strip decals, new wiper blades, a couple of new bolts. It soon transforms an ordinary car into a really tidy car!

My front passenger door card appears to be rattling, tonight I've noticed one of the clips is missing, I have a stock of those too so that'll be an easy fix.

It can take a little time to get a used car up to scratch, I still need to strip my arches out and properly clean it out under there. A full clay, polish and wax etc for the paintwork. Just got to be patient and do bits as you can.

We are in the minority buying old cars with the intentions of keeping them for a long time and taking some pride in them. Most people with these cars now just run them until they break then get rid.

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