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Originally Posted by Roverlike View Post
One more thing I wanted to add: DESIGN.
There's one big thing I like about Rovers. They have a proper radiator grille! The cars are instantly recognisable as being a Rover. For me. That says everything about them. Yes, the radiator grille hails back to the days when all car makers had them. The radiator grille was the cars crowning glory. My old Rover was nothing more than a re-upholstered Honda Civic. However, would I buy one? Nope. It doesn't have that distinctive grille! Moving swiftly along......

Changed the 3 wiper blades and the air filter this morning. Not that they needed doing. I do it so I know that they're done. Whilst poking about under the bonnet, I dealt with the aftermath of the head gasket change. Nothing serious. Just clipping assorted hoses back into place. Then I noticed a bracket with a bolt hole in it, by the exhaust manifold. I'm sure something is missing. Is there supposed to be some sort of heat shield there?
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