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The new V5c arrived today. I'm the 4th owner of the Rover. The previous owner only had the car for less than 10 weeks.

I've done some digging for the MOT history for the 25. Due to the age of the car. I've got a complete MOT history. It makes for some interesting reading.

It failed its first MOT for having bald front tyres (18506 miles).

It failed its third MOT for having bald front tyres again! Also the rear exhaust was shot (31667 miles)

Things went well until MOT No8. Then it failed for having a knackered velocity joint gaiter (76154 miles).

MOT No10 it all went pear shaped again. It failed on the other velocity joint gaiter (83557 miles)

It failed again on MOT No11. The first velocity joint gaiter packed up again (91151 miles).

That brings us up to the present day.

I've had a quick look at the washer nozzles on the rear wiper arm. They're not blocked. I even pulled off the cover and tried the pump. Nothing. I now suspect a knackered one way valve.
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