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Originally Posted by culyun View Post
Looked at my sad wee F, which hasn't been driven all winter and decided to fix the wiper motor. Started the job in a timely fashion at 8.30pm, outside, in the dark. Hey at least the torch worked.

Found a post somewhere or tother that suggested removing the motor from the wiper arm assembly in-situ was a doddle. It wasn't. Couldn't get the ratcheting spanner onto the spindle nut. But I got there with the help of short handled tools and a mirror.

Motor on the bench waiting for another day. It wines like a very p@^*@ed off cat. Suspect the bearings are to blame. Apparently they're 22mm OD, 8mm ID. Going to pinch one of my daughter's skateboard bearings and give it a whirl. shhh...
Take the main motor housing off. I'd bet it's full of rusty coloured water. With any luck a good drain, dry out, clean up and degrease and you might get it going again.

Oh and don't forget to drill a 3mm drain hope in the bottom corner to stop it all happening again.

Good luck.


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