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Originally Posted by DeathFromAbove View Post
Cool. I've found a place near Cambridge, that make hot galvanizing and industrial power coating.

I assume that doing only the whishbones could be too small job.
So, probably, I could plan a bigger project:
subframes, whishbones, hubs, and other suspensions parts?

That could do for a very nice car...
If you were going that way, then seam welding wishbones and sub frame would improve the stiffness of the car and improve handeling. Diesel destroyer has done this and also powder coated them. There are suspension fabricators that will do any part in alloy and increase your track and rose joint all parts. Sure, you would have to roll the guards too, but if you wanted to have a unique MG what is 10 - 15000 pounds to have something that is a killer. grin
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