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Cool For some, like me, there's no known cure.

... Gorn and done it again! My third MG ZT-T 1.8t... an 05 Reg example with moderate mileage in dull as ditchwater bland Grey... and ugly Black Gridspoke wheels just ripe for a decent refurb in Silver...Used the A-Frame to collect it .... try as I do, can only drive one car at any one time. A-Frame work surprisingly well and no need for second pilot.

Starts and drives fine but, overheats from coolant loss after a few miles according to the helpful previous owner. Not had a chance to look at it due to poor weather and bad light. Could simply be a worn or leaking hose leading to the so called "They all do that" scenario. Maybe something else. We shall see. Even if it has a damaged Cylinder Head Gasket, I shall enjoy the investigation and repair. This poor image was taken a few minutes before dark and the hand held camera has lied about light levels... It was much darker hence shaking image effect as the auto camera exposure action held the lens open to allow extra light. Hence poor image.

I'll get some better images in due course... no sign of any sunshine at all today. My camera is showing "clocks back" tonight time already.

My son who has more cars and projects than you can shake a stick at. He queried why I should get another. I explained that in a year or three's time, these opportunities will not be there. This ZT-T 1.8t has lots of potential, but, should effective repair not be a realistic proposition, it will be useful pool of parts for the two better ZT-Ts in the family.

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