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Originally Posted by gnu View Post
Looks alright John. One of the later ones, XPG, trendy black wheels (were gridspoke an option on these? not in black of course) and the ZT's seem to hold there price better than the smaller models. Have fun.
Yes Gridspokes with much scuffing. They will be removed and refurbished in Silver. I dislike Black Alloy Wheels.

The three ZT-Ts bought over the past year or so are all MKIIs and all came with Gridpsokes. Mostly with large areas of protective coatings lifted by surface corrosion so all were refurbished.

This blue ZT-T 1.8t was a p/x taken in by a local used car dealership back in the summer. Would have been destined to suffer a premature end if I had not come along. It is now my daily driver complete with its refurbished Gridspokes in Brilliant White .... which I think are ...Brilliant. Previous owner pro-advised car had the "They all do that" so called HGF. Even the dealer told me the car has that problem and sold to me on that basis.. It did not, coolant loss due to perished coolant hoses as I discovered the first time I used the ZT-T at sustained higher legal speeds :~

This is the car. I like ZT-Ts. Quite a lot about locally too so yes, they are popular. I see more ZT-Ts rather than the also popular Rover 75 Tourer locally :~

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