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Originally Posted by gnu View Post
Out of interest do these dealers call you when they get one in or do you just happen upon them?

Something like:
I've got an ZT trade-in, I'll call MG John!
Yes, it can work like that but, very occasionally. Usually once in a blue moon...

Good idea to visit local dealerships. Particularly now with most nice old cars worth next to nothing at auction or in scrap value. Bargains to be had if you are polite and explain what your interests are.

Some years ago, soon after I retired, I had 500 business cards printed detailing my "amateur" interests in cars and car parts.

More often than not, initial contact with local dealerships originates from cars they put on ebay or in local classifieds. Done this more than six times over the past five years or so. Three ZTs included from dealers within say a fifteen mile radius of my home. Have looked at rather more though. Always on the look out for a bargain project. Being local, best to take advantage by going to have a look before bidding. I'm usually outbid ... you can't win 'em all...

That blue one was only four miles away. I went along to have a look at the car the dealership had on ebay before bidding. I was handed the keys and had a good look. However, after checking the car, I spoke to the staff there and gave details of what cars are of interest to me. Left one of my cards. I told them I would bid.

I bid what I felt was a good price to allow for any HGF work needed as mentioned in the ebay description. I was outbid and so thought nothing more of it.

Checking my answerphone some days later there was a message to say the top bidder had made no further contact so if I'm still interested in the car, my lower underbid they would accept. That happened soon after agreeing on the very same morning to buy another ZT ( Saloon ) from a different local dealership. So, circumstances conspired to make me buy TWO ZTs that same day!

TYPICAL.... London buses scenario... wait ages then several come along at the same time. Both were opportunities hard to refuse like this latest grey ZT-T.

Mind you, it's ages since I travelled on a Bus let alone a London One..

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