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Originally Posted by gnu View Post
Sounds like you're the real life wheeler dealer; Mike and Ed in one.! Keep it up - I'd like to do similar when I have time. Many years to go until there's any chance of retirement for me though. Until then enjoyable small projects that take ages to complete...
Be patient. Your time will come soon enough particularly if you have a demanding job which consumes most of your time which for me has flown by!

I now have some time to do the things there was no time for when I had a demanding job. I could now put my feet up and sit in front of a TV screen all day. That's not me. I have the time for these things and will continue to do so for as long as it gives me pleasure. I have no deadlines to meet. I might work on a car from dawn to dusk or not touch one for a week or two.

It's an old cliche but very true. Now retired I'm so active I wonder where I found the time to do a full time job year in year out for over fifty years.

As the MG-Rover adverts reminded us all over ten years ago, life is too short not to. It really is.

Trouble is, us Brits in our wisdom formed queues to pay over the odds for cars not built here which many soon found were not all that after all . I have worked on them for friends and relatives so I know what I'm on about. ..Then allowed the asset stripped remnants known as MG-Rover to simply die. Some posters on the car enthusiasts web sites at the time expressed delight at the final demise of Longbridge once the receivers were called in. That after a Government turned its back on the thousands of jobs related to the now almost extinct British Car and other manufacturing Industries.

Whilst I type this, I have the Andrew Marr show ( BBC1 ) on at the same time. Marr is currently asking questions about the so called "British" car Industry NOW and how to protect it after severance of the parasitical umbilical cord of EU membership. What an oxymoron! Where was this ever so clever so and so and all the other cushioned against reality media smoothies asking those very valid questions all those years ago when that was a much more timely question to ask.

It's what we do ... correction, just maybe did after June 23rd.

Over the years, I have enabled a number of nice old cars to live on and avoid an unjust premature end. They live on in friends and family member ownership and look set to do so so a good few more years yet.

It's what I do....

EDIT to add ...

My Dad was a real wheeler dealer come Del Boy Londoner. He spent his life working hard trying not to work hard... that when not dodging bombs and stuff between 1939 and 1945 in London's East End. Here he is about 1965 with his wheeler dealer Minivan ....

Apparently ... in a parallel universe MGJohn drives .........A.......

B>>M>>W ....

Arrrrrggghhhhh......... ......

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