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Alcohol + eBay = truck

I really need to stop drinking with the computer switched on....... anyways woke up the next day to find i had purchased a Vauxhall Frontera, never mind i thought, it will be a good winter vehicle whilst my ZS's rusty undercarriage gets fettled and so i went to pick it up, it was at this moment i realised there was more oil in the engine bay then there was actually in the engine, accompanied by a concerning knocking noise from the bottom end, either way i paid the money and drove it half way home before it boiled over and spat what i can only assume is fairy liquid foam out of the radiator overflow pipe

So for the past 4 days i have replaced the cam cover gasket to hopefully solve the oil leak, also removed the non working thermostat (stuck shut) and flushed the fairy liquid and gunky stuff out of the coolant system to hopefully solve the overheating, gave it a clean, fitted a bike rack on the roof and this is what it looks like

things still to sort include: replaced the radio cassette player with a CD player, now the clock doesnt work and the head unit loses its memory everytime you switch the ignition off, also the speakers are rattling so need to figure out whats going on there, also wouldn't mind some wheels and tyres that match and also the brakes are questionable

let this be a lesson folks, Alcohol + eBay = bad ideas!

cheers all

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