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If it all goes tits up and you need to stick a new engine in it, if its a 2.2 petrol, just stick a 2.0 Vectra engine in it. 2.2s are like hens teeth to find.

You just need to swap a few things over and it goes straight in

I helped a mate do one last year.

As for the radio just swap the yellow and red wires round on the radios wiring loom. Vauxhall in their infinite wisdom swapped them round. As for the clock i have no idea, although on the wifes Vectra it gets its RDS info from the radio using the third block that you would have cut off from the standard ISO plug going into the back of the Vauxhall radio and displays it on the clock

The breaks are always questionable on Fronteras.

The best is yet to come, like when the rev counter stops working unless the lights are on.

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