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Red face

Originally Posted by JoCoLo View Post
MGJohn - My 75 is just coming up to the moon mileage and is now over 13 years old. Still used almost everyday and is just fine. These cars are worth it.

(Moon Mileage 225,000)
Who's moved the moon then? Thought it was a tad short of 250,000 miles ... on a good night... or, day come to think about it...

Ah but, yeah but, it has the BMW engine and not the Rover one otherwise your car would have self-destructed about five miles after leaving the showroom new. Well known fact. Been on TV and everything. Clarkson formerly at the BBC spearhead of British is rubbish, German is superior so must be kosher. They're all professionals so obviously know what they are talking about. OK, I lied about the latter. Shame on me for not believing most what those oh so clever media folks know.

Far too many over rewarded know-all know nowts on the TV and elsewhere where UK Motoring Journalists are involved with the now beyond endangered species former UK Indigenous Motor Industry is concerned... Extinction only a matter of time.

Not all, today I did something I rarely do. Bought a Motoring Magazine this month which was not Car Mechanics which I always buy each month. That other magazine being the relatively new:~ MODERN CLASSICS.

A delightful refreshing change to read a UK Car Magazine which is not always bad mouthing the products of Abingdon, Cowley and of course ... Longbridge.

Mind you, according to my "Always buys German" neighbour and the bloke I bought my Rover Turbo from, both assured me the reason all my MGs and Rovers are so powerful and reliable is because of their Honda Engines. I kid you not.

Media negativity influence John? No way. Simply does not exist. They know what they're on about ... after all they are highly paid professionals. Say it often enough and it becomes gospel. You heard it here last.

Right off to study the odds on tonight's Football. I'll back the foreign teams ... after all. The Brit teams are all losers... well known fact.

What's that hissing sound I can hear?...

Oh, just another cylinder head gasket letting go. Only happens every week there's a day in it..

Yow heard it here last ... (See what I did there... added a smidgeon of black country accent... )

... Does you good to have one occasionally ..

EDIT to Add @ 19:56

Originally Posted by gnu View Post
Resist - you'll probably fall out with the neighbors if you park up another car in the street...
Yeah but, yeah but ... I have a cunning plan.

One of my properties has it's nearest neighbour a quarter of mile away. You can cut the peace with a knife... Bliss...


Has Man C. scored yet?... after all they're playing some little known team of also rans...

Apparently ... in a parallel universe MGJohn drives .........A.......

B>>M>>W ....

Arrrrrggghhhhh......... ......

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