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According to my significant other, apparently many vauxhall engines will fit including the C20XE (red top) engine, or even the B204 Saab turbo engine (that would be hilarious and oh so dangerous in a frontera) however i shall cross that bridge when it comes to it, for now, its working lol

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As for the radio just swap the yellow and red wires round on the radios wiring loom.
that just saved me ripping the dash out and tearing my hear out with a multimeter, thanks so much! still not sure about the clock thing, but i am contemplating cutting it out and maybe getting a sat nav to put in there or some similar

ages ago i had an A series frontera and the brakes where incredable, it could lock up all 4 wheels at 60mph! these ones struggle to lock the wheels on a wet, muddy road lol and i am glad you mentioned the interesting lights and speedoi thing because it just reminded me i forgot to re-attach the engine earth strap after removing the cam cover.... whoops lol job for tomorrow!
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