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it already filled all the spark plug holes on the way home from buying it, tis always good fun using a screwdriver to poke down some blue roll into the recesses lol also to be fair, the gasket on my ZS went too and filled 2 of the recesses, thankfully this frontera does not have ABS, so one less thing to go wrong i suppose

sorry to hear the vectra hasn't been great, i was never a fan of them and the engines are supposed to be junk, most of the undercarriage of the frontera is isuzu based anyways so i am hoping that isn't too bad

I wouldn't really go for an x-type jag, they are the ones based on the ford mondeo and parts are surprisingly expensive, they are also renowned for dual mass flywheels going wrong though i have to agree with you on modern vauxhalls, with the exception of maybe the Adam (i kinda like those) the rest of the lineup is just rubbish
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