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05-Reg ZT-T Project. A set back. Trashed Wheel Arch Liner and lost ABS sensor.

This Sunday afternoon was the first opportunity to have a close look at my latest project and drive it on my own personal track. Yes it's an old cliche but I have one, a small oval in a few acres which for close to thirty years I've been turning into a mini Nature Reserve. My main interest outside family and cars being Natural History. The family and friends have spent many happy hours there from camping out in high summer. Lots of interesting wildlife to observe every visit. Even today disturbed a female Buzzard as I pulled up to the gate. Even fireworks on November 5th. Not this year though ... Twenty years ago, my two sons both learned how to handle a reasonably powerful car there well before they were old enough to drive. So did many of their school friends. Here's my eldest boy in an MG Montego 2.0i enjoying himself during his schooldays.

So, although a little overgrown in places, did a few laps in the ZT-T 1.8t to get the engine up to working temperature to assess the state of the Cooling System, Cylinder Head Gasket, Brakes ( V.good ) and other things. Pleased by what I've found so far. Right last lap gave it a bit more and as I took the very last turn there was a muffled explosion like running over say a supermarket 6 Pint Plastic Milk Bottle. Something was dragging in the front nearside wheel arch as I pulled up. Amazed by what I saw. Somehow, the complete Wheel Arch Liner had been ripped out of the wheel arch, taking with it the ABS sensor cable which was more of a concern. Yes, the ABS icon now glowed brightly Damn und blast ... Can only assume that in previous ownership, the Liner had not been fastened correctly for whatever reason, dropped down during spirited driving and became trapped under the wheel and so ripped out immediately! All part and parcel of old car projects. Have to take things like that in my stride.

The cooling system had been overfilled in previous ownership ( No air for expansion ) and yes it boiled over a little once parked up and with no air to expand into, escaped via the cap as loosened it a little. No healthy gentle hiss as with a healthy cooling system and CHG ... so looks like I will have to remove the Cylinder Head with this one which has a damaged gasket. Here's an image showing coolant on the Air Filter Housing :~

Lucky I had my Multimeter with me and some other tools. That included a length of old ABS cable prepared with both Blue Connectors. First I took readings on my "Control" car... my 55-Plate ZT-T which provided control guidelines of an known working ABS system for comparison with the faulty items on the 05-Plate ZT-T. Here is the set up using those off cut ABS cable connections I'd prepared previously. I have them for the various car types in the family ~ just in case. Which gave this and other readings from the control car's feed supply. :~

These were the range of readings for comparison. The final reading, the resistance of the cable to the wheel sensor, produced a big fat ZERO. 0.000. Not written down as the rains came down and had to pack up and cover the tools for a while. The paper is actually wet with the rain.

So looks like the car will need a replacement front nearside ABS Sensor. Deep joy removing the old one : rolleyes:

The rapidly changing weather and brief heavy shower soon had the car fully misted up on all the inner glass surfaces. So before packing up completely, opened up all the doors to allow the cabin to become fully aired and dry ... just as the weak Sun, now low in the sky and soon to disappear behind the Hills, shone brightly. Better late than never sunshine ... Yer Tis :~

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