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ok! so after just over a month of ownership lets recap on the issues faced by my drunk ebay purchase

Huge oil leak from cam cover gasket: fixed
Engine overheating due to stuck thermostat: Stat replaced, issue still remaining
Huge fuel leak from corroded pipes: fixed
Ominous rattle from engine bay: ignoring
Dangerous snaking at motorway speeds traced to buggered anti roll bar links: fixed
Air bag light still illuminated from poor pre-tentioner connection: not yet fixed
Alarm sounding when locked: Just not locking it
Massive leak into drivers footwell traced to blocked sunroof drain: fixed
Broken captive nut under passenger seat runner: fixed

And now for the big one, turns out it isnt just rover products having this problem, but had it at a garage earlier today to find there are combustion gasses in the coolant, yep! the head gasket has failed, this truck is beginning to try my patience now! and my wallet!
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