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Induction kit on a 1.6 MY2000 F ???

I've been toying with the above 'upgrade' and have been considering a Pipercross Viper (closed) or K&N 57i (open) induction kit for my little baby, however, when I check on the likes of ECP the results come back as 'not an option' for my car.

If I change the engine size to 1.8, it is suddenly okay and the kits are viable.

Question being, is there any reason why I should not be able to add one of the above options? - not being hugely mechanically savvy, I thought I'd ask those in the know prior to deciding. I don't know if there is a specific reason why one cannot add an induction kit to the 1.6 non-vvc engine, but I'd be happy to hear if there is a specific reason why it appears to NOT be an option when I put my car reg in.

Of course, I think I could go the alternate route of simply adding a performance air filter panel to what I believe is a TF style airbox that was factory fitted to my 31 March 2001 F. I could then modify the box (remove the excess intake piping from inside the box) and reroute the intakes to the passenger side engine vent (as I have seen/read here) for better cold air intake.

Oh, and just to add, another 'upgrade' planned in conjunction with this is a 52mm throttle body - I'm assuming that the TB is not a limiting factor as the TF's can also have the same aluminium 48mm TB that I have fitted to my car already.

I should maybe also add that I know that I'm not going to get much performance increase, but that's not the main reason for thinking about it. The induction kit is more to do with the sound (already have a TT Mk7 silencer which I love) and I'd like to get things more sportier. The TB upgrade (I believe) doesn't give masses of performance increase, more so better throttle response and a more 'eager' reply to acceleration - possibly better MPG.

Anyway, input as always would be gratefully appreciated.


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