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I have a 1.6 TF. I had a one air intake hose, air filter box.
The 1.8's have two air hoses.
So thinking about your ideas. From what I have read over the years there is not a lot better than the existing tf air box. I just upgraded mine to a two hose one for about 15. I re routed one of the hoses to the left side air vent and left it at that.
Firstly my ecu did not like that little change. Maybe it was coincidence but my tf started running rich. A year on and everything has settled down again. Between 35 and 50 could get you an ebay panel filter, which I have considered adding.

Regarding the ecp website and it not displaying the details for a 1.6. The older airbox was thinner. Even when I put my 2004 tf reg in it gives the incorrect details for things like air filters or batteries. I guess it is defaulting to a much earlier mgf spec.

If you are going to increase the size of your throttle body let me know how you get on. Do a tps reset and consider getting the car on to test book.

Regarding your comment about induction sound increase. There is a thick layer of insulation on the parcel shelf/ engine cover. When I remove this and run the car the increase in sound is noticeable. If you put in a fancy filter it may get masked by the life raft that is the parcel shelf wadding.

Good luck.

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