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Thanks for that mate. I'll have to double check what kind of airbox I have. I know that there is a hose that leads to an intake just above the catalytic converter, not sure if there is a second hose from the rear of the box but I'll check tomorrow.

Regarding the TB upgrade, I had read to simply reuse the existing TPS and that would avoid having to have the ECU altered on a testbook - could be wrong but I've read that on several other threads by searching. I will certainly let you know how it goes if and when I do it.

Interesting to hear that rerouting your single intake led to some odd behaviour. That kinda puts me off a little bit, but fortune favours the brave - or so they say!

As for the sound factor, I'd prefer to leave the parcel shelf in situ, but that is a novel idea on how to improve the 'roar' factor.

As for the induction kits, I wouldn't have thought it would matter what airbox was fitted as it's getting removed, right?

Anyway, thanks very much and I'll welcome any other input from other members about induction kits.
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