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Originally Posted by steviejones133 View Post
Regarding the TB upgrade, I had read to simply reuse the existing TPS and that would avoid having to have the ECU altered on a testbook - could be wrong but I've read that on several other threads by searching. I will certainly let you know how it goes if and when I do it.

Interesting to hear that rerouting your single intake led to some odd behaviour. That kinda puts me off a little bit, but fortune favours the brave - or so they say!
I have heard about leaving the old tps in place. I'd forgotten about it though. Doh!

I did not re route the single hose from the 1.6 tf airbox.
I replaced the 1.6 tf airbox with a double hose one from a 1.8tf.
The 1.6 tf airbox has a blank at the front(side nearest the passenger compartment) It does not knock out though. It could be drilled out with an electricians hole saw and a hose fitted.

When it comes to my MGtf I am the biggest worry wart there is. I do not want to cause any issues. So letting a little more air in through the 48mm Throttle was not a great concern. I changed the 2nd post cat Lambda oxygen sensor, not long after the modification to the airhose. (The sensor was in tight) This could be a possible cause of the fueling fault. It did not have a very good seal as the thread had been damaged on the cat where the sensor attaches. Maybe the ecu compensated or a layer of rust around the sensor filled in any gaps to correct my over fuelling.

If you try a second hose and have issues. Change it back. Hey if I can do it it has to be easy!
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