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Well, I had a look Today, but without removing my hard top and all the associated guff to get to the engine, it was pretty hard to tell what box I have. Couldn't get a hand to the rear of the box nearest the cabin to see if there was a second intake. Couldn't see anything from crawling under as much as I there any markings to denote type of box fitted OR a measurement guide of width/depth of the external dimensions of the box????

I have looked up buying a 160 box and how to fit it just in case. One thing I did read Today was about the resonator box and how it can be in the way of routing two intakes to the NS vent - mainly that the resonator box is in the way and is a bit of a pig to about people smashing them out in frustration of trying to remove them. I'm not sure if that is 100% necessary to remove or even if I have one fitted.

Oh, and I had read that if one uses a new TPS, it needs to go to a testbook - I'm aware of the TPS reset procedure and how easy it is, however if it sorted a new TPS, why have people commented that it needs to visit a testbook?
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