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Originally Posted by dert View Post
I should rebuild the engine on my red 1996 F
I should change the engine on my Trophy blue 2003 TF
I should refit (as in change to full leather) the interior and change water pump/timing belt on my ginger 1996 F
I should replace all subframe mounts on my red 2003 1.6 TF
I should replace windscreen and rear wheel bearings on my 2002 Trophy blue TF
I should sort out water/overheat issue on my other 2003 Trophy blue TF
I should decide what I'm doing with my silver 1999 F which a chimney put landed on the rear quarter crushed it big tim
And finally I should change the front wings on my 75th anniversary F

Reality is, the "I should" should be changed to "I must" as I've too many projects and not enough room any more....problem is, I've a long drive but no garage to work from and not enough hours in the day to do the work needed
Wow. I'm exhausted just reading your list!
And how many Mgs do you have? (slightly shocked).
I designed a simple garage the other year. I'm now looking for a second house hopefully with a garage. I think for mg owners it is a necessity.
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