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To buy or not to buy!

Hi All,

I'm either in totally the wrong place or completely the right place to ask this question!

I have been looking at this: 2004 ROVER 75 DIESEL CONNOISSEUR SE CDTI AUTOMATIC SILVER | eBay

I currently drive a 2012 Mk2 Seat Leon with 40,000 miles on the clock - great car, quick, reliable, good round corners, but zero character - uncomfortable - manual - plastic everything - annoying bongs all the time... and it gets 38mpg driven carefully 32 at 80 (ish!!) on the motorway

Could sell this for 6k+, buy and insure the rover and still be 2k in the black - and then save on fuel.

Do I do it?!

Pros and cons please people.

Do average mileage (250 a week) throughout the year other than biannual trips to France 1000 miles in a day which are tough in the Leon... aches and pains is an understatement - thank god for the french roads.


PS. fed up of changing gear in traffic!
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