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Cool Worldwide appreciation of MGs and Rovers

Some may have read here and elsewhere that I believe "our" cars are more fairly regarded and valued outside Britain than by the average UK car consumer. For more than twenty years I have helped owners worldwide obtain parts hard to find in their countries.

I was again reminded of this when checking my mailbox this morning. An enthusiast in Italy sent me some pictures of his Rover 600 which included fitting the larger 620ti Brake Calipers I sent to him. Very impressive attention to detail here :~

Yes, appreciated even in a country like Italy with its own very rich automotive history. Nice to know one of my all time favourite "ordinary" cars, the MG Montego Turbo is also appreciated in the land of the prancing horse. Like these two beauties :~

Always nice to see when folks send me images of the cars they own from distant lands.

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