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You couldn't make it up.

Not touched this car for some days now, mainly due to unsuitable weather for working outside and having caught a nasty chest and throat infection which saps the energy. Now I know how HRH Liz ( and Phil ) felt recently.

Even so and despite that, dry underfoot today and light cloud without any threat of rain. An hour or so in the fresh air will be beneficial to my health and in the past, has aided a speedier recovery. Felt good to be outside and productively active again in the fresh air.

Right, will tackle that pesky CRANKshaft Pulley Bolt. The thick wodge of Invoices that came with this car included one for 1423.26 for Cylinder Head Gasket repairs which included sub-contracted bottom end repair on the same date: 17th September 2015. No doubt power tools used and that 22mm Crankshaft Pulley Bolt will be silly tight. So it proved. By the way, masses of work done on this car since 2011 ~ lots of useful renewals if they can be believed ~ and a quick count up of the Invoice totals came to ... wait for it ..

OVER 4000 ...

That since 2011! Truly ridiculous bearing in mind the wording for some of the completed work on those invoices. Lost count of the times I've seen something like that with "problem" used cars I've bought over the years.

Any road up. Back to the task in hand, still dry under foot and got all the tools in place and the car Jacked up securely on Axle Stands and front offside wheel removed. Even used my recently arrived Knee Pads which takes a lot of the pain and strain out of kneeling when working low on cars. Then guess what. Clouds moved in swiftly a large spots of rain falling and looking set to get heavier.

Sometimes I think the whole world, nay Universe is against me. Happens far too many times with perfect timing to be mere coincidence... GRRRRRHH. . No going back now.

Using my trusty 24 Volt impact driver no way would that 22mm Crankshaft move. Not a good sign it usually copes except when power tools in previous ownership means bolts silly tight.

OK, plan B involving my heavy duty 3/4" Drive Breaker bar and extension rested on anAxle Stand for more control. Always worked without fail for me in the past as this set up did precisely that ... in the past. Like this :~

First the BIG Breaker Bar with my son's fight foot heavy on the brake pedal with car is 5th Gear. That usually cracks it.

Then socket wrench to remove it.

Not this time though and now I'm getting really wet. OK, I know when I'm beat ... Here's the working area view just before I rapidly packed the now thoroughly soaked tools away.

Thing is, I lent my son my 240volt Impact Driver and so that is over thirty miles away. That usually makes short work of even those Bolts silly tight. This one. Will PM my son asking for a speedy return :~

Meantime, about an hour ago the rain stopped with clearing blue sky and bright sunshine before it disappeared behind the Hill. The Weather Gods really rub it in sometimes...

Just about to press Submit Reply button with my eyes streaming, and nose and chest sore. Worse than before. Not such a good idea to get some fresh air after all..

Apparently ... in a parallel universe MGJohn drives .........A.......

B>>M>>W ....

Arrrrrggghhhhh......... ......
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