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Is my car a "K Series"?

I'm quite new to the forum and new to being a used Rover 25 owner.

I've got quite a bit of servicing to do to it and am amazed at the information available here, to help a near numpty like myself save some money but also derive a huge amount of satisfaction from learning and doing what I thought I'd never do (service and repair my own automobile), now I'm semi-retired.

However, I see a lot of references on the forum to "K Series" motors (which I suspect mine is, but am unsure).

The vehicle details I have are as follows and I'd really appreciate it if someone could offer me some advice in order to help make sure I'm reading up on the right sections for my newly-beloved, beautiful, British Built ton of motoring majesty:

Make: Rover
Reg Date: 2001
CC: 1396
CO2e: 164 g/km
Fuel: Petrol
Vehicle Type: M1
Wheelplan: 2 Axle Rigid Body
Doors: 5 (hatchback)
Transmission: Manual
Log Book description: Rover 25 IL 16V

That's about it, unless I need to post the Engine/Chassis #'s.

Should I post a picture, or is the above sufficient info?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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