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have been looking into this also recently , their are kits available ranging from 43 if you just want the lenses and angel eyes , up to 115 if you need the full kit , lens angels eyes and hid kits .
have worked out that you can actually do it a lot cheaper if you buy the part separate , lens and angel eyes 35 ( from china though ) , and ballast at 5.15 each (2 required ) from a uk supplier , then the bulbs ranging from 6 for a pair (china supplier ) to 10 uk supplier , then all you have to do is pick the color of the bulbs 4.3k to 12k , standard options are usually 5k to 8k.
Then you have to open the headlight units to fit the lens kits and reseal them , their is a thread in the forums where someone has already done this if you do a quick search.

just make sure to order the correct types . LHD / RHD

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