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Another thing to denote siding is the actual part number, if still visible. It will be on one of the screw posts that goes through the cheater. Generally, they look something like this:


*** = three numbers, usually 160, 180 or 200. This indicates type of mirror (flat or convex) and which side. For example, 160 is a RH mirror fitted with convex glass. 180 is LH with convex, 200 is flat glass and no handing applies to those because it doesn't alter the image if put on the wrong side as it's a flat reflection. The whole flat/convex thing is something to do with driving laws in the UK vs. other places and how reflections should be perceived when viewing the side mirrors. I don't think flat mirrors would pass a UK MOT as we should use convex glass - apparently.

xxx = just the colour paint code for your car.

I only know this as I went through a load of hassle trying to upgrade my plastic manual mirrors to colour coded electric ones.

Same goes with the door locks and handles. As mentioned, the only passenger handle to have a keyhole is cars without CL like my base 1.6 MY2000 F. When I upgraded my handles, the passenger side came with the key blanked off. My original plain black passenger handle had a factory hole so that the door could be unlocked with a key as I don't have central locking.....yet! - anyway, the lock barrel still sits behind it though.

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