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Last MOT tomorrow (probably)

Just had a brief look around the old girl and I think depending how badly she fails (well I'll be amazed if she passes) tomorrow she might not get retested and go straight to the scrappies at the end of the month. Shame really as bar the front sills she's not too bad from a rust point of view. There's potentially a rusty brake pipe hidden under some mud. Maybe rear suspension bushes if she creaks a lot during the inspection, brakes might need bleeding as they're just a little spongy, but seem to work ok on the road.
Problem is, being a W reg 45, she's not worth spending too much money on if there's a long list.

We were going to get a new car last year but she only had a couple of small fails on the day. The big fails were a couple of days later lol. (clutch release bearing completely destroyed and brake pipe failed that wasn't noticed on the test) This year we'll definitely be getting a new car.
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