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Originally Posted by Turner261183 View Post
Hi all,
Has anyone managed to change their temperature sensor without dropping the alternator out of the way? If so, how the hell did you do it? There's no room for my fat hands.
I have the same problem, but more importantly I had a minor leak between the elbow and cylinder head. You can remove the elbow by jacking up the engine and swinging the alternator forwards, it is not easy, but can be done. You need to loosen the long alternator pivot bolt, but that is not too bad to do. I did it whist changing the cam belt and did not have the sensor.

Re removing the sensor in situ, not sure but I suspect you can, if not as above you can do it by removing the elbow but you need the rubber gasket first.

O ring-cylinder head coolant o - Genuine MG Rover at

My temperature gauge has started working again after about a year of not working.
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