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Originally Posted by Fast Guy View Post
I did think about offering it on here it's scrapped, but I thought you needed to be a paid member or something?

I've been looking at Nissan Jukes, the wife mentioned a Fiat 500, so we'll probably end up getting something completely different.

I will be sad to see her go if she does, she's only had one recovery in the 12/13 years I think we've had her and that was dues to a 5 year old water pump failure earlier this year when we were 240 miles from home.
She's given you good service and owes you nothing in that case (I'm referring to the car). I would prepare to feel sad at the final parting if I were you!

You're right that you need to be a paid-up supporter or a temporary trader to advertise on here. Ebay might be your best bet tbh.

There are good deals about for the Juke and 500 as they're nearing the end of their life. Neither would be top of my list but at least the Juke is British-built.
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