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Originally Posted by batoutofhull View Post
So Stevie, you have fitted your door handles? and left the lock barrel in place?
I have not got around to putting mine on yet. I was not after central locking - I always wanted key access.
I was going to use a pillar drill and fit the handle to a jig and drill out the blanking plate. Then using a 45 degree router bit finish it with that in the centre lathe, on a slow speed.
Do you think this is viable?

Regarding the mirrors. Door card off. Plug it in. Hold it in you hand. using the joy stick up or down you will see which side it goes on. If a rh it will not go up far but down a lot. If it goes up a lot it's lh. My second hand ones were really marked and I did not see codes/labels etc.
Yeah, I have since fitted colour coded door handles (and left the passenger door lock barrel in place behind the new blank of the colour coded handle) and upgraded my manual heated plain plastic mirrors to colour coded full electric mirrors by obtaining a loom and switch from a donor scrapyard car. I guess one of my planned upgrades could now be central locking!

I think your proposal to drill out is completely viable. I had thought of doing that with my colour coded handles but decided against it for fear of ruining the paint job - especially as my reason for upgrading the handles was to colour code them. As long as you can keep the handle still, I'd imagine it'd be fine.

Here's my upgrades: Manual to electric/heated door mirrors possible?

If you wanted, I have my old passenger handle with the hole already in. You are more than welcome to have it but it would require painting which might be more hassle than simply drilling the blank out.

Let me know if you want it
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