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Question What is the MGR websites views on me giving away remaps?

In the absence of any TOAF mapping being available and the fact that things have gone very quiet over there and even questions on their Facebook page now go unanswered.I'm prepared to put some remaps up for CDT's in both manual and automatic on servers offsite.
I don't have any examples of ones for cars with traction control but anyone wanting one could send me their original map and I'll tune it and put that up also.
The maps I have are around 150hp for this and its a professional tune that is in many cars already. BUT I have changed the maps by adding "1" to all the tuned figures making the maps "MY WORK"
For those going to winge about copyright.

You need a 10 flashing cable and I will give instructions on how to insert your VIN number into the map as it will otherwise just come with zero's inserted.Initially there will be two maps,one for a manual,and one for an automatic.
Its as easy as using TOAF with the same dangers.
At your own risk of course.
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